Everything you need to know about the Best King Single mattress


If you are waking up with back pains, losing sleep, or feeling restless even when you wake up after sleeping for a few hours then maybe it is time that you change your mattress. There are many mattresses available and all of them claim to be the best so it is very hard to choose when you go to the market. If you buy a king single mattress without having the necessary knowledge of it then you are automatically more inclined to have back pains and sleepless nights. 

Buying the best king single mattress is important so that you can sleep peacefully during the night. These items should be considered when you are deciding on choosing the Mattress Afterpay.

Age of the mattress

Considering the age of your mattress is important because the age of the mattress may be the reason that you are not having a peaceful sleep during the night. The rule of thumb for a king single mattress is that if the mattress is over 8 years then you should consider getting a new one. The average lifespan of a latex mattress is 12 years, memory foam and hybrid is 10 years, innerspring is 8 years and pillow top lives the shortest which is 7 years. 

Type of the king single mattress

king single mattress

Different people prefer different types of mattresses. There are many types of mattresses available which means that it makes it hard to choose when you go to buy a Mattress Afterpay. We have researched and collected information for a few common types of mattresses that can make the decision easier. 

  • Memory foam 

Memory foam is used in this mattress. They are known for pressure relief and great support. Memory foam was previously known as ‘sleeping hot’ but now, with the advancement of technology they are redesigned with superior cooling properties. Now memory foams are much cooler as compared to traditional memory foams. This memory foam gives a great hug and it is ideal for sleepers who want a good hug while sleeping.

  •  Latex foam

This foam is built with latex foam exclusively. Latex foams are known for the comfort that they provide and their cooling properties. They are also known for bounce and great responsiveness. It is the best for sleepers who want cooling, responsiveness, and great bounce. Moreover, it is good for sleepers who do not want a pronounced hug but they want a foam to sleep on.  

  • Coils (innerspring) mattress

This is the most widely used mattress and it is very popular. There is an additional layer of spring coils in these mattresses that provide comfort and support. With the advancement in technology, the layers and numbers of coils have changed. Coil mattresses with more number of springs provide more comfort and support. It is best for sleepers who want more bounce, coil feel, and stronger edge support.

  • Pillow top mattresses

Pillow top mattresses as the name suggests having a soft material that is on top of the mattress. It is sewn into the cover or this soft material may be stuffed in the cover. This provides a cushion on the mattress which gives extra comfort. It is best for sleepers who want a more cushioned mattress. More cushions also give more comfort. Pillow tops usually offer the best sleeping surface to sleep on.

  • Hybrids mattresses

As the name suggests these mattresses are a combination of coil layers and foam. The hybrid mattress provides the benefits of both the latex and memory foam both. This enables hybrid mattresses to give a cooling, responsiveness, and great bounce while also providing support and pressure relief. Hybrid mattresses maximize the benefits as it has a layer of both the mattresses. It is the best for sleepers who want an all in one option, which means they want comfort, cooling, support and bounce together. 

  • Adjustable mattress

This mattress has the ability to adjust which means it changes the sleeping position of the mattress. This is done by the elevation of the feet and the inclination of the back. This mattress even has the ability to heat, vibrate, and massage the sleeper. It is best for sleepers with special needs as it will allow the sleepers to take advantage of the adjustable mattress. This includes people with medical conditions, snorers, chronic lower back pain and older sleepers, etc. 

Budget for your mattress  

Budget is subjective and it varies from person to person. Keeping a budget gives you a bracket within which you have to select your king single mattress. Nowadays, there are a lot of options available for you to choose from which were not available before. If a mattress is expensive, it does not mean that it is the best among others because some companies make amazing mattresses at a fair price. Keeping a budget of $1000 is ideal because it will take you towards the luxury end of the mattress market. Getting a good Mattress Afterpay is easier when you have your budget towards the luxury side. A Mattress Afterpay is a long-term investment that will stay for a minimum of 8 years so do not hesitate to spend money on your king single mattress.

The firmness of your king single mattress

king single mattress

The firmness of the Mattress Afterpay is important because it will be providing comfort for you. Support and firmness are often mixed although support means that your spine is in proper alignment whereas firmness relates to the comfort of the mattress. It is difficult to differentiate between the types of firmness because what may be soft for someone can be a medium-firm for another person. The average firmness level for sleepers lies between 4 to 7 on a scale of 10. There are a few mattresses that provide universal comfort.

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