King Single Mattress Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Bed


Finding a new King single mattress can be a befuddling, baffling cycle. Picking a sleeping King single mattress dependent on the material piece, cost, and different elements requires broad item research — no simple errand, thinking about several brands and retailers offer new beddings on the web and in physical stores.

We can assist you with working out what type and size of the sleeping King single mattress are best for you, and even how to spare half or more on your next buy.

How to Choose a New King single mattress

king single mattress

Assess Your Sleep Style

How you rest plays a major role in distinguishing the best King single mattress size choices for you. Generally, people sleep in three positions:

  • Side position

Side sleepers represent around 2/3 of the populace. When resting on your side, your neck and spine ought to stay straight, corresponding to the ground. Your shoulders and hips should soak insufficiently only to help straight arrangement while as yet supporting your abdomen, and the sleeping cushion ought to adequately pad hips, shoulders, and different zones from pressure. King single mattresses which are in the medium scope of immovability or with gentler top layers may feel generally great, and you need to ensure that the comfort layers are 3-6 inches thick to take into account sufficient padding

  • Back position

For back sleepers, the best bedding is the one that underpins the normal arch of the spine. Neither your hips nor your chest area should sink excessively far in. Your lower back ought to likewise be bolstered, which means you cannot fit anything more than 1 finger between your back and the sleeping pad when lying flat on your back. Medium-firm to solid sleeping pads offer perfect back help, and comfort layers between 2-4 inches give abundant padding without influencing support.

  • Stomach position

Stomach sleepers face the greatest difficulties when looking for a comfortable King single mattress to suit them, in light of the fact that their lower back requires firm help yet a firm surface may not feel incredible on delicate, touchy regions. At the point when you rest on your stomach, you need to ensure that your lower back and stomach don’t bow descending which can cause pressure and torment, and you likewise don’t need your neck to rest at an unnatural edge. Your smartest choice will probably be a firmer sleeping pad with a slight layer of exceptionally adjusting/pressure-soothing material.


king single mattress

Before you purchase, acquaint yourself with the most widely recognized types of King single mattress sizes available and how they are developed.

  • Innerspring King single mattresses: They use loops, which frequently give a customary ricochet feel and solid back support.
  • Latex King single mattress sizes: They regularly offer more responsiveness and bob than innerspring ones, and they generally cooler.
  • Memory foam King single mattresses: They are intended to shape to the body, which may prompt weight help. A few clients of these King single mattress sizes report that the material dozes warm.
  • Hybrid King single mattresses: They join latex layers or memory foam on innerspring bedding, with the objective of giving a blend of delicate quality and backing.
  • Air King single mattresses: They utilize a pneumatic machine to blow up the cushion to the ideal level of firmness. Commonly, each side utilizes a different air chamber to oblige two sleepers with varying inclinations.
  • Waterbeds: These are vinyl or elastic bladders loaded up with water. They are accessible in both hard and soft side variants to oblige various frames and are recognized by their vinyl thickness, development, and inward fiber layers.


king single mattress

Most King single mattresses are available in six standard sizes:

Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King.

  • Twin

Dimensions: 38” x 75”

Comfortably fits: 1 person

  • Twin XL

Dimensions: 38” x 80”

Comfortably fits: 1 person

  • Full/double

Dimensions: 54” x 75”

Comfortably fits: 1 person with a pet, 2 adults, no pets

  • Queen        

Dimensions: 60” x 80”

Comfortably fits: 1 person with a pet, 2 adults, no pets

  • King            

Dimensions: 76” x 80”

Comfortably fits: 1 adult with the pet (s) or child (ren), 2 adults with a large pet or a child

  • California King      

Dimensions: 72” x 84”

Comfortably fits: 2 adults with multiple pets or children, 2 adults with multiple pets or children


Firmness inclinations of the King single mattress size are frequently attached to two elements: rest position and sleeper weight. The individuals who rest on their side regularly incline toward milder beddings, while back and stomach sleepers will in general feel generally great on ‘medium-firm’ or firmer beddings. Regarding weight, lighter people (under 130 pounds) may require gentler sleeping cushions so as to encounter all the more adjusting and weight help; heavier people (in excess of 230 pounds), then again, regularly need firmer beddings to forestall inordinate sinkage. For couples with differentiating immovability inclinations, a double firmness King single mattress with various solidness settings on each side might be the most appropriate choice.

1 Extra Soft The sleep surface will sink very deeply and conform closely
2-3 Soft The sleep surface sinks and conforms to a significant extent
4 Medium Soft The surface sinks somewhat and conforms fairly closely
5 Medium The surface does not sink much and will conform to a noticeable extent
6 Medium Firm The surface sinks very little and conforms to a moderate extent
7-8 Firm The surface remains even with little to no sinking; conforming is minimal
9-10 Extra Firm No sinkage and little to no conforming


Light Less than 130 lbs. This weight group tends to prefer softer King single mattresses that conform very closely ‘Soft’ (2-3)

‘Medium Soft (4)

‘Medium’ (5)

Average 130 to 230 lbs. This weight group often prefers beds that offer a balance of soft padding and firm support ‘Medium Soft’ (4)

‘Medium’ (5)

‘Medium Firm’ (6)

Heavy More than 230 lbs. This weight group usually prefers firmer beds with strong support and minimal conforming ‘Medium Firm’ (6)

‘Firm’ (7-8)

‘Extra Firm’ (9)


Most of the King single mattress sizes measure about (10″) in height, though the thickness of the King single mattress varies from less than (5″) to more than (15″). Your weight may or may not affect your preferred thickness. Lighter individuals may prefer shorter beds, whereas heavier people tend to feel more comfortable on thicker beds.

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