Queen mattress vs Double mattress – What’s the difference, Their features and Benefits

Queen Mattress

If you have a small bedroom, then a double mattress or queen mattress afterpay can offer a lot of comforts. Their size difference isn’t big, considering their length and width, so it may create confusion for you about which one you should buy? While deciding, you need to consider your room size, budget and whether you plan to share your bed or not.

What is a queen mattress? 

A queen mattress is 60 inches by 80 inches in size and is a popular mattress size for adults. It is wide enough to comfortably accommodate couples while providing plenty of space for a solo sleeper. If you love to sleep with arms stretched, then a queen size allows you to do without your hands or legs falling over the edge.

Blow up queen mattress are a perfect choice for small bedrooms, guest bedrooms and studio apartments.

Features of a queen mattress

The queen size mattresses we sell comes with various high-quality materials. You’ll find the mattress available in memory foam, latex and spring types with Belgian knitted fabric. With a superior thickness, the mattress proves versatile with its double-sided use.

The high-density foam, along with a soft quilting layer, offers extra comfort. Its hypoallergenic materials keep dust, mites and mould away, giving you a peaceful sleep at night. For a plush sleeping experience, you can pick the queen size mattress in variations like euro top, pillow top, cool gel and tight top that suits your sleep style. Our queen mattresses come with medium firmness and zero-partner disturbance for a soothing sleep experience.

Some benefits of a queen mattress  

  • Extra space 

A queen size mattress offers more space for the solo sleepers when compared to a double mattress. Besides, a queen mattress is suitable for couples who don’t require a lot of extra space.

  • Widely available

Since it is an industry-standard, almost every mattress sold nowadays is available in a queen size.

  • The mattress is long in size

Queen size mattresses measure almost 80 inches in length, which makes them suitable for people with 6’7’’ height or shorter.

  • Embellishes your interiors 

A queen mattress enhances the overall appearance of the bedroom and adds a touch of sophistication.

What is a double mattress?   

Also known as a full-size mattress, a double mattress is 54 inches by 75 inches ideal for anyone who wants to sleep comfortably with spreading out over the mattress. A foldable double mattress is an excellent choice for your kids bedroom and your guest bedrooms as well.

Features of a double mattress 

With a superior thickness, the double mattress from us displays fine craftsmanship with innovative sleep technology. Our premium mattresses offer additional comfort with its soft Belgium knitted fabric. The inflatable double mattress from us comes hygienically manufactured to protect your body from dust mites and allergens. Moreover, it includes the high-density egg-shaped foam padding for that ultra comforting sleep experience. Choose your favourite double mattress in varieties such as cool gel, pillow top, euro top and tight top to meet your sleep necessities. Discover these mattresses in memory foam, latex and spring types with no harmful chemicals and medium firmness.

Some benefits of a double mattress 

Needs less space
The double size mattresses are slightly thin and short then the queen size, they can fit easily in bedrooms with limited space.

Extra space for solo sleepers
A double mattress is suitable for solo sleepers who prefer additional sleeping space.

Lightweight and easy to move
The average double mattress weighs less than 80 pounds, which makes it easy to move compared to the queen size mattress.

Wide availability
You’ll find most of the mattress varieties available in double size.

Price affordability
Usually, the double mattress is cheaper when compared to the queen size design of the  same model. The average price of a double mattress differs by brand, model and   mattress type you choose.

Queen Mattress

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